A bottle of gin on a low stone wall in front of the sea.


Claiming its origin in the most in the most direct way, we have written the strategy and designed the brand identity of this Italian gin brand.

Three posters in a row with portraits of women with slogan on red wave, website and logo Nue


With a desire to break away from unrealistic beauty standards and advocate self-acceptance, we helped this new cosmetics brand to establish its positioning and make a splash.

Six booklets on black background showing the letters A, Z, I, M, U, T with red stripes.Six booklets on black background showing the letters A, Z, I, M, U, T with red stripes.

Tendance Floue

With an evolution of its identity system codes, we suggested a rebranding to the photographers' collective, in line with its growth, managing the image of a collective which has won many prestigious distinctions.

Nacarat logo, brand symbol with three leaves and the name NACARAT in capital letters in a white sans serif typeface on a red background


Having displayed their logo for more than ten years, the real estate developer Nacarat asked us for a rebranding proposal. An evolution of its brand identity for a more certain identification.

Topologies is a branding studio.<br>We do brand design and brand management. We work with our clients from the initial strategy phase to the brand identity design, art direction and final production of the brand touchpoints;