Topologies is a branding studio. <br>We do brand creation and brand management. We work with our clients from the initial strategy phase to the brand identity design, art direction and final production of the brand touchpoints;

Our involvement goes beyond the production process. We stand for the long run.

We share and finally pass on our expertise to our clients so that they can manage their brand. This is how we co-manage several brands.

Brand strategy;

Brand platform
Research & benchmark
Brand vision & Brand mission
Brand positioning
Brand identity (prism)
Brand tone of voice & pitch
Brand architecture
Launch strategy
Content strategy
Development & changes handling

Brand identity;

Naming & nomenclature
Visual identity
Art direction
Visual identity guidelines
Brand slogan & tagline
UX/UI design
Brand guidelines

Brand touchpoints;

Website design
Web & mobile apps design
Print & digital media design
Signage design
Packaging design
Brand & promotional product campaigns

Brand management.

Brand launch strategies
Growth strategies
Identity & changes handling
Brand architecture
Brand extensions & portfolio
Brand mergers
Brand reputation
(corporate brand & commercial brand)

Your brand is your business.

The brand equity, or even just simply the BRAND, which is a company’s reputation, is considered to be one of the most valuable company assets. Therefore, any company that wants to get a success story, making profit on a long-term basis, imperatively needs to build a brand. A very clear one, absolutely different from others, unique for all kinds of audiences; a brand whose attributes and values are reflected on its products and communications; a manageable brand.

By definition, every brand should be noticeable to get noticed. 

We work with clients who care about their brand equity. Through our observation, research and analysis, we find the creative strategy. Then, we design their uniqueness and identifiable characteristic traits. And in order to enable audience connections and actions, we design each of their touchpoints.

We are honest and upright;

Because we get paid for our expertise, because we know our subjects, we are not afraid to challenge, neither to confront points of view and perhaps shake things up. All we want is to help. Creating brand equity is our purpose.

Concerned & committed.

We are obsessed with brands; completely driven by our jobs. Our expertise is enhanced with our discipline. We are insatiable. We are looking for clients as committed as we are; teams which are experts in their fields and want to acquire knowledge in branding in order to build and manage their brand, in an intelligible way. We discuss, we share, we work alongside: we are collaborative service providers.

We believe in collaboration through conversation & contribution.

Quality work on a brand is achieved through a three-way collaboration between: a strategist, a designer and a brand manager working in partnership (trusting each other's input, exchanging ideas, respecting one another). With us, the collaboration starts with the brief and continues as long as possible after delivery.

We manage.

We co-manage brands with and for companies. We also manage projects, situations and relationships. At Topologies, we keep ego out of the way; and if it finds its way in, we manage it. If there is a problem, we deal with it. We are solution seekers; and we guarantee its application.

We are French; English-speaking; European.

Ambitious and passionate, we respond to any company willing to collaborate, regardless of its geographical location.
Level 01

Brand creation;

We pay close attention to your expectations, study your market and define your brand positioning. We create your brand platform and design your brand identity. We determine your brand tone of voice, write your key messages; and, together, we give birth to your brand. 
Level 02

Brand deployment;

Once your brand is set, we fuel it. We enable it to be real and to express itself by designing every touchpoint.

By touchpoint, we mean each place in which audiences interact with the brand, its products and/or services; in fact, every opportunity to increase awareness and build customer loyalty.
Level 03

Brand management;

This is our proposal.

As brand experts, we have the skills and tools to manage brands; as an external collaborator, we have your prosperity at heart.

We have a simple undertaking: not to leave you alone with your brand, once its first components & tools are delivered; to maintain the discussion and keep practicing brand management together, over the mid and long term.

To do so, we give you the keys, the reading grids, while paying attention to you on a regular basis. We diagnose and give you all our recommendations.